In our FAQs we have collected the most common questions about your travel planning, the camp, surfing and everything concerning your Portugal surf trip.

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Your most common questions & our answers

How can I imagine a typical day in the camp?

At the surf camp you live according to the tides, which means that your days are organised according to the ideal surfing conditions. The meal times are also adjusted to those. For the remaining time of the day we will put together a matching (optional) entertainment program. On the individual camp pages you will also find local tips to give you an impression of everything you can do in addition to surfing.

Does the camp have Wifi?

Yes, our camps have Wifi.

What about meals in the camps?

In our Portugal surfcamps a rich breakfast buffet is almost always included. You will find more detailed information on the individual camp pages.

I'm a minor. Can I still visit one of your camps?

Yes, but only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What should I take with me?

Apart from your personal belongings, some other things are essential for your holiday. That’s why we have included a “What to bring” checklist in the travel documents for each camp, so that you won’t forget the most important items. Basically, however, sunscreen and good vibes will always fit in your luggage.

All my friends are busy. Can I visit the camp alone?

Many of our guests travel alone and leave the camp with a bunch of new friends.

Questions about surfing

I have never been on a surfboard before, can I still attend lessons?

Of course! In our beginner classes you will learn the basics of surfing, including theory and practice. Our trained surf instructors take care of your safety, so you don’t have to worry about anything. However, you must be able to swim and then nothing stands in the way of your surfing career.

Can I bring my own equipment?

When you book a surf course, you will be provided with a wetsuit and a surfboard. But you can also choose to use your own equipment.

I already attended surf lessons last year. Is it recommended to book lessons again?

If you want to further develop your surfing skills and take them to the next level, we strongly recommend you to attend a course. Through individual feedback from our qualified surf instructors you have the chance to improve your technique faster and more efficiently. We have specially designed intermediate and advanced courses. Here you learn how to ride green waves and do your first turns. In the surf group you also get to know new people faster.